Easy Steps to Great Color
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Easy Steps to Great Color includes: 4 unique color wheels - Comprehensive, Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence, and a concise, easy-to-use color guide about how to paint, combine and choose color with confidence. 


Beginners: Play with color to learn color basics.   

Beyond: Expand your awareness of color and light.


Learn the essentials of color theory.     

Create the colors you want to make.   

Develop simple, striking color combinations.      

Make color glow, shine and shimmer!

With an understanding of color principles and practices, create exciting color combinations for your artwork, crafts, wardrobe, home and the many creative endeavors you enjoy!

All of these color wheels are featured in my Dance of Watercolor DVDs which are also available through juliecohnartinstruction.com.


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Easy Steps to Great Color

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