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Learn Watercolor, Drawing & Color Basics with
The Dance of Watercolor Beginners and Beyond 

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"The Dance of Watercolor Beginners and Beyond" is ideally suited for beginners and advanced beginners who want to learn watercolor, drawing and color basics. By following my step-by-step watercolor method that shows how to easily control the interaction of paint and water on the brush, palette and paper, students learn that watercolor can be a very forgiving medium. 

The DVD contains the equivalent of 7 private lessons, including watercolor basics using my watercolor method chart, color principles using a color wheel I designed, drawing tips for landscapes, and a watercolor demonstration of a landscape using bright, expressive color. The watercolor demonstration also includes how to correct areas of the painting. 

The DVD menu contains extras, such as exercises in drawing and color mixing, a quick reference guide to my watercolor method, composition tips, and a slide show of my artwork. The DVD insert provides a supply list and a chart of my watercolor method that shows watercolor’s range of transparency on dry and wet paper.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

“Julie carefully and methodically explains things that beginners have trouble with. Her color and drawing lessons are very useful and her water-to-paint ratio is so clearly explained that it will give students a jump-start in learning. I am recommendingthis DVD to 
all my friends who are new to watercolor.” 

- Sue Johnston, President of California Watercolor Association

“Julie has a genuine passion for teaching watercolor and for giving her students as much personal attention and encouragement as possible. Her demonstrations are excellent and cover a wide range of subjects and techniques.” 
- Charlotte Hjellum, watercolor student

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The Dance of Watercolor: Beginners and Beyond Download

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