The Dance of Watercolor: Luminosity Luster Iridescence Download
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Learn Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence with
The Dance of Watercolor Advanced Beginners and Beyond 

"The Dance of Watercolor Advanced Beginners and Beyond" is ideally suited for those interested in painting the effects of luminosity, luster and iridescence. Julie shows examples of these types of lighting in every day life and explains thoroughly with many paintings and her color wheels, how to look for and achieve these beautiful effects. Warm-up exercises lead you to three completed paintings. 

Also included are a review of Julie's watercolor method, a slide show of a sunset and a separate section with many tips that help you understand luminosity, luster and iridescence. The DVD's running time is 90 minutes. Each of the three sections is approximately a 1/2 hour long.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

I really enjoyed and learned a lot watching "The Dance of Watercolor: Luminosity, Luster, Iridescence"! It is an excellent follow-up to the first DVD that I purchased last Spring "The Dance of Watercolor". While Julie's first DVD was great for my young daughter and I to receive an introduction to the fundamentals of watercolor, this DVD is an outstanding set of lessons on how to improve your technique. I felt truly enlightened by her discussions and demonstration on how to achieve Luminosity, Luster, Iridescence with watercolors. For anyone interested in getting an insight on how the 'Masters' approach watercolor and lighting, I highly recommend this instructional DVD.” 
- Richard R. Jones II

“Julie's instruction is easy to follow and her love of watercolors is very evident in her choice of words and expressions. Her measured and deliberate manner of presenting her "lessons" makes it easy for the eye to take in the images and the brain to wrap itself around her message. The experienced watercolorist as well as the absolute beginner can profit from viewing Julie's excellent presentation of three of the fundamentals of watercolor painting: Luminosity, Luster and Iridescence. We can hope to master these with Julie's help. Well done Julie” 
- Bill Pearce

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The Dance of Watercolor: Luminosity Luster Iridescence Download

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